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Sirsish ko Phool, blue Mimosa, is a creation of the well-known writer Bishnu Kumari Waiba. Her literary title is Parijat, and she is an attractive gem of Nepali literature. She has exceptional outcomes, and Sirish ko Phool is one in every of them. She was born in Darjeeling but spent most of her life in Kathmandu. Shirish ko Phool is a male narrative light novel free. She describes totally different happenings from the male perspective, and this flip of gender is what makes this novel extraordinary.
The ebook is one that everyone ought to read. It's fairly different from the same old Nepali novels. Her e-book Sirish ko Phool printed in 1965, received Madan Puraskar. It is a treasure for Nepali literature. This ebook has been translated into English and is a part of the curriculum in many schools in overseas nations. Seto Bagh

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